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We have a very High Catch Rate 10-15 fish per trip - All fish are scanned, tagged and released back to the wild. We have very little angler pressure on the remote middle Fraser River, unlike the crowded lower Fraser River section close to Vancouver. The sturgeon are extremely aggressive and hard fighting fish up our way due to the fast moving river and narrow canyons we fish. They can measure up to 12+ feet in length and can leap out of the river to do a tail walk many times once they are on your line.

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Lillooet and Lytton BC are situated along the Fraser River arguably one of the finest river canyon landscapes in the world. Located on the dry rain shadow side of the Coast Mountains averaging over 300 days of sunshine per year. Semi-arid conditions make for warm days and cool nights in the summer months with limited rainfall, less than 8 inches per year and best of all no mosquitos.

Celebrating our 14 Year Anniversary of Sturgeon & Salmon Fishing on the Middle Fraser River

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